Follow these steps to perform the initial setup of the SDK:

  1. Run the following command to install the SDK package from NPM:

    npm install zk3-sdk
  2. Wrap your project in the ZK3Provider :

    import { ZK3Provider } from 'zk3-sdk'
    // The ZK3 SDK depends on wagmi so set up your client here
    // Then wrap the Providers like so:
    return (
          <WagmiConfig client={wagmiClient}>
                <ZK3Provider pinataJWT={process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_PINATA_JWT}>
  3. You are ready to use the SDK!

The SDK uses pinata ( in order to upload posts to IPFS. Please provide a pinata key in order to use this feature of the SDK. Providing a pinata key is optional and does not affect the functionality of the SDK outside of IPFS uploads (arweave uploads coming soon!)

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